We are a Bible-centered, non-denominational Christian church. The size of the current Chinese congregation is about 700.  Besides the main campus in Lexington, there are two more campuses: one in the city of Boston and one in the south of Boston metropolitan. All services are conducted in Mandarin. 

The Chinese congregation worship time is 9:30–10:50 every Sunday morning. The service takes place simultaneously in the sanctuary and in the chapel (for overflow). 

To help brothers and sisters grow spiritually, the Spiritual Formation Ministry offers more than 20 adult Sunday school classes.  The Sunday school class hour is 11:15–12:15, following the worship service. In addition, there is a library and a book store where people can read, study, and buy new books. 

There are many fellowship groups, which meet in different times during the week. Some of them gather in the church and others in individual families. During the meeting, they study the Bible, share life experiences, encourage one another, and support each other with actions. For the fellowship groups in the church on Friday evenings, there are programs for the children (AWANA) and the youths (ALIVE). 

In addition to participating in church-wide ministries such as Mission and Social Concerns Ministry, the Chinese congregation has their unique ministries, including the following:
      Loving Care: Stephen ministry, marriage enrichment retreat, visitation, newcomer welcome, and benevolence fund. 
      Evangelism: Individual evangelism and regular evangelistic meetings.
      Prayer meeting: 8:00 - 9:20 every Tuesday evening in the Chapel.
Currently, we have two pastors serving the Chinese congregation: pastor Caleb Chang (the senior pastor) and Pastor Ziyi Chang.
We welcome you to join our big family to serve God together, grow spiritually together, and preach the gospel to people with Chinese culture background.