CBCGB City Outreach


COM Christmas Eve 

Welcome to Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston, City Outreach Ministry.

CBCGB COM is a spiritual family serving Boston’s Chinese international students, professionals, visiting scholars and residents.  Among us we have many international students and visiting scholars from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries serving together to glorify our God’s abundant love.  Together through bible study and discussion we come to know our Almighty Lord and discover God’s plan for all of us.  By loving this family, we strive to live a life on earth in the image of heaven.  We welcome all Chinese international students and visiting scholars to join our family and experience God’s grace and blessings.

Lunch is offered every Sunday 12:00 pm on the 3rd Floor at Ruggles Baptist Church (874 Beacon Street, Boston), and service begins at 1:00 pm in the Chapel.

In addition, we have six fellowships serving various needs that convene Friday nights at locations throughout the city.  We look forward to welcoming you to our family.  Should you have any questions feel free to contact us.

874 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02215

Rev. Dr. JuTa Pan