Youth YPA

YPA (Youth Parents Association)

2013-2014 YPA CORE

Yong Hsiu & Robin Xiu (Chair)

ShanChuan Zhao & Huijuan Xu (Vice Chair)

    • 6th Grade: Narciso & Anne Marie Tan
    • 7th Grade: Meiqin Xie & Yuegang Zhang, Yuhong Zhang & Joe Ma, Ying Li
    • 8th Grade: Kelly Hsu, Robin Xiu & Yong Hsiu
    • 9th Grade: Karen & Berhan Yeh
    • 10th Grade: Lintao & Hongxing Wang, ShanChuan Zhao & Huijuan Xu
    • 11th Grade: Yang Wang & Haiguo Wu, Min Yang
    • 12th Grade: Lin Xie, Christine Lee


    • Effectively support the youth ministry
    • Promote communication and fellowship among parents
    • Provide necessary support to parents in need


1. The YPA is a support to CBCGB youth ministry –by assisting, enabling and strengthening its function and vision– particularly in the areas of:

    • facility needs
    • providing snacks for A.L.I.V.E.
    • program needs
    • communication and network
    • parent ministry
    • retreat chaperones
    • mission teams & fundraising
    • youth staff appreciations
    • encouragement
    • special events

2. YPA is a ministry to parents, particularly in the areas of:

  • peer fellowship
  • family outreach
  • peer support groups
  • special parent-teen events

3. YPA is a recognized, representative group of CBCGB. Therefore, the YPA Core members must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a CBCGB member
  • Be a baptized Christian
  • Have healthy family relationships with spouse and children
  • Have a healthy, supportive, positive attitude