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MIDWEEK PROGRAM - AWANA  (Preschool - Grade 5)


Program description: The CBCGB Awana program is based on the program provided by Awana International. It is a co-op program among our fellowship groups supported by a core planning team of volunteers.

Date: Fridays during September 09, 2016 - June 16, 2017 (see CBCGB Awana Calendar)
Time: 7:45-9:45p

Children age: Preschool (age 3 by August 31, 2016) to Grade 5
Application: Please click on Awana 2016-17 application; read FAQ before you apply.
Absence/late notification: Parents of registered children are expected to notify us in advance regarding their children's absence or coming late through Awana absence/late notification. Please note that three consecutive absences without advance notice will be considered as automatic withdrawal.

Program staff: Our Awana program directors are Charlene Hou 侯筱琳 (T&T, games), Kathy Pan 崔廣琦 (Cubbies), Ling Zhang 張凌 (Cubbies), and Wei Hu 胡桅 (Sparks, admin). The following is the list of Awana groups, their age / grade, locations, leaders, and sponsoring fellowship groups:

 Age Group CurriculumClassroomLeadersSponsoring Fellowship Groups
CubbiesPreschool & Pre-KAppleseedRoom 108Kathy Pan / Ling ZhangSong of Songs + others
Sparks-KRoom 120Victor & Florence LoSalt & Light / Hosanna 
Sparks-G1Grade 1Sparks-G1Room 121Jonathan GuLexington Central
Sparks-G2Grade 2Sparks-G2Room 125Gaozhong Zhu / Richard ZhangVineyard
T&T-G3Grade 3T&T-G3Room 122Jiang ChenGreen Olive
T&T-G4Grade 4T&T-G4Room 123Kim Cheung / Yong Tang / Lewanna LiLove
T&T-G5Grade 5T&T-G5Room 126Wanbo ZhangBerea
 Games (for K - Grade 5) Room 107Jianhua GuBerea
Others1  Room 124TBDLove
We welcome all children to our church on Fridays. There are two walk-in spots in each of our Awana groups every Friday for visitors and those on waiting lists (first-come, first-served). We also provide a program for all children who cannot get into our Awana groups on any Fridays.
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