Social Concerns Ministry

About SCM

We believe that God calls his people to:

  • Mercy – God calls Christians to serve those who are in physical and material need, regardless of cause.
  • Justice – God calls Christians to correct social and economic injustices in the societies in which we live.

Because of that call SCM’s goal is to help CBCGB full that calling by:

  • Educating the congregation about the physical and material needs of the world and the social injustices that exist within the world, so that we may be empowered to do God’s work effectively.
  • Encouraging the congregation to serve the physical and material needs of the world’s needy and to correct injustice, so that we become the manifestation of Christ’s hands and feet in the world.

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SCM Committee Members

    • Connie Chang (EM)
    • Yuander Ju (CM)
    • Mark Liu (EM)
    • Yang-Sheng Tzeng (CM – Chair)
    • Jimin Xiong (CM)

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Documents and Forms

Past Social Concerns Conferences (SOCCONs)

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