Church Building Expansion
As our congregation continues to grow, this ministry examines how we can further expand our facilities in order to match the needs of our church. Click to learn more.

This is a Chinese congregation ministry which through a variety of different venues (e.g. evangelistic events, Alpha course, Evangelism Explosion), seeks to challenge and support our congregations to further spread the good news to those in our spheres of influence. Click to learn more.

Loving Care
This is a Chinese congregation ministry, which provides one-on-one care to those facing a crisis or life challenge. It also trains and mobilizes caregivers to do likewise. Click to learn more. 

The Great Commission given to us is to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, ....". This ministry engages our congregation to both support those who have already gone, as well as challenge us to go. Click to learn more.
Recognizing that our strength comes not from ourselves, but from above, this ministry challenges us to grow in our walk with God through prayer, learning to constantly rely on His provisions and not our own strength. Click to learn more.
Social Concerns
As world Christians, we desire to involve and encourage members of our fellowship in community outreach as a loving response to God's heart for all people. This ministry provides opportunities as well as education about how we can get involved. Click to learn more.
Spiritual Gifts
This is another one of our Chinese congregation ministries. Each of us have been blessed with spiritual gifts that we should use to further grow the body of Christ. This ministry seeks to help us understand our gifts and find opportunities at church to apply them. Click to learn more.

This ministry seeks to ensure that members are able to access up to date and relevant information simply and efficiently via the church website. Click to learn more.

Suggestion Box
The church leadership would like to hear from you about any comments, concerns, requests, or suggestions that you may have. Click to learn more.