Thank you for visiting the Website page.  Here you will find updates and information about the redesign of our website.  The current web team is also listed in the table below.  Please direct any inquiries or feedback to Kai Chan - we would be happy to hear from you!

• In this new site, we have a set of new features:

− Translation of the majority of the site in both English and Chinese

− Photo galleries

− Centralized Calendar for all Church events

− Online services

-  Online  family directory

We do have more features planned in the future:

      − Forums for various discussions

      − Online event registration

      − Potential blogs from our church leadership

We hope you enjoy the new website and we're constantly working to improve it.  If you can help by providing feedback that would be great!  Thank you very much!

The website team held a workshop on 5/10/2015.  The briefing charts and a list of questions and answers are posted, and you can access by clicking here for the former and here for the latter.
The BOE held a review on the website ministry on 7/11.  The briefing given by the website team is posted, and accessible by clicking here.

• The current web team members are lised below:

Web Team Members (4/12/2015)





Shao, Cary

Team lead


Xu, Ligong

Tech lead


Fang, Kai



Chang, SC



Zhang, Yi



Gao, Peter



Chien, Kevin



Wang, Jimmy



Luo, Yang











Chiu, Joseph

Lead, EM


Yang, Rick

Lead, MS


Lee, Jay

Lead, COM






Chan, Kai



Chang, Joshua

IT Deacon










Chen, Liqin

Liaison, BOE


Tsai, Ming

Founder, Advisor