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CBCGB Lead English Ministry Pastor

The Church


The Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston (CBCGB) is a vibrant, evangelical church with a long history of overseas missions and local outreach. Founded over 40 years ago by Chinese immigrants in a house church, it now serves about 1,500 multicultural worshippers each week across its primary Lexington campus as well as a location in downtown Boston and in a Metro­South church plant.

CBCGB serves a broad mix of different demographics and cultures, spanning Chinese immigrants from both Taiwan and mainland China, second­-generation ABC’s, people from a diverse set of various non-­Chinese cultures, hundreds of children and youth, and some great-grandparents. The church has sent out and supported many overseas missionaries from its midst ­­including several pastors ­­and also has rich outreach programs to the many Chinese scholars coming to study in Boston-­area universities.

CBCGB has strong financial support and is currently in the midst of a large building expansion project in its main Lexington campus. CBCGB also has an established tradition of planting many other independent churches around the Greater Boston area in order to provide local places of worship for surrounding communities.

CBCGB has a vision of expanding its outreach from just the ethnic Chinese in the Boston area into a broader and more diverse mix of cultures.

English Ministry

The English Ministry (EM) is a 250-­member congregation at CBCGB’s main Lexington site. The congregation consists of many families, working professionals, and students from various local­ area universities.

EM has a set of core values which it holds strongly:

  • God-­centered
  • Biblical
  • Transformational
  • Communal
  • Missional

The congregation is currently in the midst of a focused effort to align its vocations and/or what its members’ vocations provide for the advancement of God's kingdom through:

  • Entering vocational Christian ministry
  • Relocating their jobs to serve as intentional witnesses in under­served areas of the world
  • Selecting and committing their careers to Christ
  • Using what their vocations provide to advance God's kingdom

EM is also entering a period of transformation, with a newly started initiative to rebrand itself and serve as a unique bridge to various multicultural groups, including:

  • People of all races who are interested in cross-­cultural experiences or outreach opportunities
  • People with mixed-­culture backgrounds
  • First­-generation immigrants looking for an English-­speaking, Americanized environment

EM is notable for its high rate of service and giving across its members, a congregation that seeks substantive and accurate Bible teaching, comprehensive musical worship teams, and for sending a large number of its own members into missions and full-­time Christian ministry.

The Role

Position Summary

CBCGB is seeking a Lead EM Pastor at CBCGB to replace its current Lead EM Pastor, who is retiring after 15 years. This is a unique opportunity to come and lead a congregation at a pivotal moment in its long history: evolving beyond being just an English­-speaking congregation within a Chinese Church into a multicultural ministry with a distinct brand and identity of its own, but the full backing of its parent church.

To guide this transformation, the Lead EM Pastor will drive both existing and new ministries and be the primary communicator with the congregation as the principal speaker from the pulpit. Additionally, the Lead EM Pastor will establish the culture and practices under which EM can become effective in welcoming and caring for a diverse set of people, across different cultures, and with growing family lifecycles.

A successful candidate for this role must possess dynamic preaching skills, able pastoral care, and strong leadership so as to guide EM through its evolution and establish new areas of growth and ministry. Furthermore, this candidate must be able to collaborate well both with the lay leadership within EM and the broader CBCGB church leadership to execute effectively. Finally, this candidate must be able to understand the EM congregation’s needs and establish an effective ministry to meet them.

Reporting Relationship

The Lead EM Pastor will report to the Senior Pastor, under the leadership of the Board of Elders.


This position is located in Lexington, MA, a suburb 14 miles outside of Boston.


Position Highlights

  • Preach regularly 2-­3x per month
  • Provide pastoral leadership for EM
  • Identify and develop EM leadership
  • Initiate, drive, and oversee existing and new ministries.  Develop leaders for running ministries.
  • Oversee fellowships
  • Establish overall pastoral care ministry
  • Oversee pre­marital and family counseling
  • Provide crisis prevention and intervention

The Lead EM Pastor will:

EM Worship

  • Be responsible for the overall EM Sunday worship service
  • Preach regularly 2-­3x each month
  • Collaborate with the Senior Pastor in preaching planning and logistics
  • Optionally preach in the Chinese or joint Sunday services

EM Pastoral Leadership

  • Establish overall pastoral care ministry
  • Oversee pre­marital and family counseling activities
  • Provide crisis prevention and intervention

EM Ministry Development and Leadership

  • Develop a keen understanding of EM’s ministry needs
  • Initiate, drive, and oversee existing and new ministries
  • Identify and develop EM leadership
  • Oversee fellowships
  • Work with ministry leads -- including music, worship, welcome, technology, missions, social concerns, evangelism -- to ensure their ministries excel and glorify God
Qualifications & Attributes of the Ideal Candidate
  • Possess an M.Div or equivalent
  • Have at least 4 years’ experience of an effective pulpit ministry, including regularly preaching in English to multicultural congregations
  • Demonstrate a clear calling in pastoring God’s church
  • Show work history as part of a collaborative team serving multicultural groups or congregations enthusiastically
  • Demonstrate exceptional verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Agree to adhere to CBCGB Bylaws, including doctrinal statement and overall church organizational structure
Procedure for Candidacy

Any qualified candidate interested in this position should apply by sending an email to hr-1@cbcgb.org.