Benevolence Fund

CBCGB Benevolence Fund


To help those with financial needs as guided by biblical teachings (Acts 20:33-35; II Cor 8:13-15; Gal 6:9-10; I Tim 5:16, 6:17-19; Heb 13:16).

Organization and Responsibility:

The Fund is handled by the Benevolence Committee, which consists of the caring minister/pastor and four additional church members.  The committee chairman shall be one of the four church members appointed by the Board of Elders (BOE).  Committee members are recommended by the chairman and confirmed by BOE.  The term is two-year and can be reappointed.  The primary responsibility of the committee is safekeeping and administration of the benevolence fund.

Fund Administration Policy

A. Fund recipient candidate: individual or organization with urgent financial needs, with higher priority to individuals from CBCGB.

B. Recipient obligation: none.  Recipients are encouraged to make donation to the Benevolence fund when they become able.

C. Source of fund: One half of the annual church Thanksgiving offering. Offerings designated for this fund is encouraged.

D. Decision authority:

    1. All decisions will be made by the committee.

    2. Each recipient is limited to a total of $2000 a year.

    3. Need itemization of specific need and amount per IRS requirement.

E. Recipient nomination: members and friends are encouraged to nominate recipient candidates to any committee members.  All cases will be handled in strict confidence.