Youth Staff


Sandy Liu Picture
Pastor Sandy Moy Liu
Pastor of Youth (Sr High Ministry)
Serving at CBCGB since 1989

Jennifer Lin
Pastor Jennifer Lin
Youth Minister (Jr High Ministry)
Serving at CBCGB since 2011




ANDREW - 8th Grade Boys Counselor




JEN - 7th Grade Girls Counselor

Jen grew up in Texas and received a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. She is an avid Longhorn football fan and will be spotted wearing a lot of burnt orange and white. She enjoys playing many sports including basketball, volleyball, and tennis, and enjoys making crafts and reading. Growing up, she had lofty dreams of becoming a doctor, and up until college, she worked hard for this dream. During her last year of college, God challenged her and led her towards missions and ministry, and she followed Him to serve in Taiwan and China with Overseas Missionary Fellowship for over a year and then returned to work as a youth intern at Austin Chinese Church for two years. She studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Student Ministries in December 2010. She fell in love with working with youth and seeing them fall in love with Christ, and she has a heart for seeing youth become men and women who love Him, serve Him, and bring the Gospel to the rest of the world.


MARK - 6th Grade Boys Counselor  

Mark was an inconsistent church-attender at CBCGB when he was in Junior and Senior High, and it wasn't until after college that he became a full member of CBCGB (in December of 2010). He started working with Junior High in April of 2011. He still remembers the first time he was at Junior High Alive, he ran upstairs because he thought he wasn't ready... But since that day, he feels that the youth ministry has become the greatest blessing that God has given to him. He loves working with youth because of their friendship and because of how they question and stretch his faith in God. He would like to see them grow through surrendering to God by dying to themselves (humbling themselves, not literally dying). He actually met his wife, Tina,  through this youth ministry.

ELLEN - 8th Grade Girls Counselor



NATE - 7th Grade Boys Counselor

An engineer by training, a missionary by calling.  Nate works as a test engineer in Acton, MA and is currently enrolled in seminary at Gordon Conwell working towards a degree in Family Counseling.  His sole purpose with serving as a youth group counselor is that God may use him to make disciples of the CBCGB youth, teaching them to walk in the way of Christ.  He is here to help them through the similar struggles he endured in accepting Christ and to help them understand and overcome the pressures from friends, school and even parents that lead them astray or blind them from the truth of the Gospel.  He is married to a woman with a servant's heart, Ellen, and they look forward to entering the missions field over the next 5 years.


TINA - 6th Grade Girls Counselor

Tina is an introverted Taiwanese-American who works as a piano teacher and enjoys thinking adn playing ultimate frisbee.  She is married to Mark Liu and has a daughter named Rachel.


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WILLIAM LEUNG - 9th Grade Boys Counselor



SANDY - 9th Grade Girls Counselor



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JON - 10th Grade Boys Counselor



UNCLE JOHN - 10th Grade Boys Counselor


CASSIE - 10th Grade Girls Counselor

A woman after God's heart, Ms. Cassie Kao has a passion for the next generation - for them to know who they are in Christ and to fulfill God's purpose in theirlives. Ms. Kao has a master's degree in criminal justice and a bachelor's degree in business administration.


DAN - 11th Grade Boys Counselor

Dan is from California and has lived in Boston since 2008. He met his lovely wife at CBCGB and was married in 2011. They enjoy spending time doing outdoorsy activities (snowboarding, hiking, kayaking) and enjoying God's beautiful creation!



JANET - 11th Grade Girls Counselor

Transplanted to Boston from the "True north strong and free.. oh Canada!" Janet enjoys trying to eat healthy while still indulging in junk food. :) She also enjoys playing ultimate and making new friends. 


TERRY - 12th Grade Boys Counselor



WEN - 11th Grade Girls Counselor 


Spiritual Maturity:

  • born-again believer who has been baptized by Spirit and by water
  • Deep loyalty to God, his Word and His church
  • Teachable by God and God-ordained authority
  • Cooperative and supportive of the pastors and church vision

Personal Maturity:

  • Healthy self-image and stable, congenial personality
  • Faithful in keeping commitments
  • Healthy marriage and/or family life
  • Eager to learn, grow and improve
  • Adventurous towards new challenges
  • Receptive to accountability and constructive criticism
  • You are an adult, not a big kid.

Aptitude Towards Youth:

  • Sincere love for youths
  • Able to communicate with youths and parents
  • Be interested in the concerns and interests of youth
  • Supportive of parents

Commitment Period:

  • Mutually evaluated year by year (recommend 2 year minimum)
  • As the Lord leads


A counselor must be a mature adult who has completed college and with some prior experience in youth work. Counselors-In-Training (C.I.T.s) should complete at least 2 years in college and/or are new at youth work.